I tried, I tried hard but there is an art to life’s distractions

Every single one of us at some point or every point would have been through this… distraction, be it any distraction. I go through it every day. I start somewhere and the aftermath wouldn’t be something I intended for but I would have enjoyed doing it only to regret it later. For instance, I have been wanting to write something since the beginning of this year and well, I was distracted. So I thought why not write about distraction and I’m going to be transparent about it.

woman sitting holding smartphone near laptop

Since the start of this year, I planned to be productive and put in so much more than the previous year but as you can see nothing much happened in my blog since then. I took up volunteering for an NGO and also some Freelancing. So, I’ve not completely been less productive but I definitely had time to write this in this 3 whole months. If you ask me what was the main distraction? (Ahem) I blame social media, Netflix and some sleeping (read hypersomnia). Did I overcome it? I love distractions so I’m trying to limit it. Keep reading to know the results of my so-called experiment.

Social Media

Instagram is my most favourite distraction and it tops the list. If you know some way to avoid this distraction send me help or please comment down below!

I tried; limiting my screen time spent on Instagram so I set a timer on Instagram which reminds me that I’ve spent a whole 1 hour on the app. I even deactivated it for a good 2 months but I worked undercover (secret between us).

Aftermath: The notification pops up right when I’m in the middle of watching a world-ending video and apparently I close it hastily to proceed with the video and outright forget about it.



If you have Netflix, you know it is more than just a streaming application, it is a lifestyle. Recently, the Netflix Originals has some majorly good quality contents which are hard to combat.

I tried; limiting myself to watching movies rather than binge-watching a 5 season or 10 season series.

Aftermath: Yes, I’ve been sticking to my limitations on this one despite the fact that Netflix keeps sending me some severely distracting notifications. This is the only aftermath that worked and I wish I could follow the same for all the other distractions as well.


But seriously, binge-watching has become a prominent term after the Netflix era and I tell you, it’s not something to be proud of unless you are doing that in your pass-time and not when you have responsibilities piled up in front of you (tried and tested).


I wouldn’t categorise this under distraction but still, I wanted to list it here because it hinders my way. A good thing is, I don’t feel sleepy when I’m involved in some activities or doing my tasks for the day. It just catches me when I’m idle.

I tried; distracting myself from this major distraction by having cuppa caffeine whenever I feel sleepy and by keeping myself busy. I tend to go to a different environment as well.

Aftermath: I sleep like a log if not for my day-to-day tasks. Changing your environment is a solution and it really helps. Also, set some goals using a planner on a daily or weekly basis and stick to it.

Keep pushing yourself and that’s the key to your glory.

If you are someone who gets distracted by any means, share your ideas in the comments below on how you keep away from it. Cheers! #StayFocused.

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