#LayaTravels: Maastricht, The Netherlands

Bucket list or not, the one thing you need to experience in your life is a short trip to any country in Europe for Christmas. IT IS LIT. Europe is known for its Christmas markets. Each country in Europe has extravagant Christmas markets which have unique specialities varying across the countries.

The Christmas market in Maastricht, The Netherlands is widely popular and attracts a massive crowd from all over the continent every year. Apart from the Christmas market, Maastricht has other attractions as well. Therefore you can plan a day trip if you’re close by or you can plan an extensive trip over the weekend.

The Christmas Market

Each and every corner of the street around the central Maastricht is completely decked up with glorious lights. I have lost count of the times I’ve mentioned about fairytales and Europe. You have got to see it, to believe it. It was our first-anniversary trip and we were strolling around the streets because that’s the only way you could enjoy it. I was a tad gloomy because of the continuous cold and rainy weather. Do a weather check before you plan a weekend trip or at least a rain check.

A picture speaks a thousand words, here you go!



Maastricht Underground Caves

Apart from the Christmas market, the Maastricht underground caves are a must visit. Honestly, I was not a bit excited about visiting the caves. It was again a gloomy day and since we had ample time we planned to go on and visit the caves.

The caves are man-made which initially lowered my expectation but it, in fact, is a labyrinth. No light, no sound, no smell, no radiation, no pollution, no mobile phone signal, no idea of time… this is the description of the tour in short. The labyrinth that once comprised more than 20,000 corridors, a professional guide takes you underground. The man-made galleries once measured 230 km in total and measure around 80 km today. And once you’re lost in the cave, you’re lost forever. Our guide for the cave tour swayed away with his humour and I was instantly hooked. And needless to say, the cave tour is still one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. If you could connect to all the stories the guide tells you, it gives you a bit of eeriness and you’ll start to feel like you’re surrounded by something paranormal.

The cave is entirely constructed out of limestones and the temperature is said to be 11°C all year; summer, winter, day and night. It is recommended to bring some warm clothes. Also, there are various charcoal drawings dating back to the 18th century. The paintings and drawings are etched by artists and visitors from the past.


Hope you enjoyed my post. If you’re ever planning to visit Europe do not miss Maastricht. If you’ve already been there, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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