The influence of networking and the perks: My meetup experience

I have always been a bit less of a social person until recently. The changes happening in my life have made me realise the importance of networking and its influence. Having moved to a wholly different continent where people, culture, climate and career are entirely contradictory to what I was used to, has taken a toll upon my life (in good and bad ways). The good thing is I kickstarted my blog, and experimented and succeeded in cooking. Let’s not talk about the bad things, tch, tch!

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The Netherlands is where I’ve moved and the Dutch are known for their “wearing heart on the sleeves” personality which is the best convention by far. My husband, being an enthusiastic soul, always wanted me to inculcate and explore around rather than being Ms. Lazy-bones. After constant nagging for over a month, I enrolled myself in the Meetup community which has given me some of the best experiences.

Networking impacts your life with significant changes which can be both positive and negative. I have been benefited by it in many ways.

Weeds and Wilderness

Weeds and Wilderness is a Meetup group I recently joined. It is a group of passionate writers who come together to influence and encourage each other with their ideas and thoughts. The first week was pretty new to me since most of the people were either novelists or experienced creative writers with field awareness.

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I felt amateur and was taken aback by the way they shared their stories. The meetup session had an activity where we had to write something about a given word in 20 minutes. I thought it was exciting and started scribbling whatever came to my mind. I was waiting for my turn as we had to read our stories out loud. To my dismay, people who read before me had written a fiction/non-fiction story or some poetry of sorts while I was sitting there, my mouth wide open, staring at my absurdity. Eventually, I opted out from reading my piece and smiled like a goof.

The following week, having understood the concept of the whole session, I was waiting for the writing activity. A fellow member brought in and shared some of her prodigious drawings with us and the session quickly escalated to the task of writing something about one of the drawings. I picked one of them which I thought was relatable, and started writing about it, in a better way this time. The end result was beautiful, as of what I still think. I read out my piece and there was a smile on the faces of the people around me.

I never thought I was capable of writing something out of my comfort zone and within 20 minutes. The people from the meetup made me experience a different perspective of my writing ability. Now, this was an extraordinary experience I gained through networking. The experience unveiled a concealed self of me which I will forever cherish.

What are you waiting for? Look for opportunities to network with people and experience the flipped side of yourself! The exchange of challenges, goals and experiences will give you insights into something you would have thought of otherwise. This will aid you to build your reputation as an innovative thinker.

Thanks for reading, hope you like my post! Please share your experiences with me in the comments below.

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