Why cycling is an efficient mode for commuting?

Do you still remember the day you got your first bicycle? That sure has to be everyone’s first mode of commute (other than walking, of course). My first bicycle was a purple one and it was a treasure to me but cycling was a nightmare when I started learning it. My grandad was my first trainer and he was also my villain because of the hardcore training methods he implemented on me when I was around 9 – 10 years of age. I gave up interest after that experience. Later, I had to learn it for hassle-free rides to schools and tuitions. I often used to get down and walk with it in slopes and erratic roads. I’ve fallen off countless times and embarrassed myself. It took quite a long to get it to perfection without falling off.

But I learned to ride bikes in a short span (a day, if you would believe). Of course, I broke up with my bicycle after that. Now that I’ve moved to The Netherlands, the cycling capital of the world, I’m back in the cycling business!

What I learnt after moving to The Netherlands

Back in India, cycling is underrated. People judge you if you go anywhere with bicycles and I still don’t understand the reason behind it. Of course, it is easier and faster to commute with a bike, car or public transport and the environment is quite hazardous but that doesn’t mean riding a bicycle is a sin. You can always ride one for leisure if not for the primary mode of commute. It has a whole lot of benefits which is covered further in this article.

Cycling is a standard mode of transport in The Netherlands with around 35% of the people listing the bicycle as their most frequent mode of transport on a typical day as opposed to the car by 45% and public transport by 11%. The first thing I did after moving here is to buy a bicycle after seeing the excellent cycling infrastructure. People invest in bicycles, there’s one for every need be it sports bike, racing bikes, hiking bikes (Yeah, they call bicycles as bikes here. It was a bit confusing but I got used to it). The country has separate bike paths parallel to the roadway which is probably connecting the whole country(?!). You can do a whole research on it if you want, it’s that huge.

Benefits of Cycling

My husband and I love going on long bicycle rides. There’s a huge park near the place where we live and I tell you it’s divine.

The panoramic view of the park and my bicycle!

You can always choose cycling outdoors over the cycling equipment at the gym. It is precisely the similar cardiovascular alternative. Cycling increases cardiovascular fitness, reduces your weight, it actually helps you stay fit with all those stiff muscles and more importantly it helps you relieve the stress and calms your overall mental health. I’m not an expert with all the knowledge that goes with explaining the benefits in detail and I just state the importance and the experiences of my own.

With all that said, wherever you’re in the world if you do not own a bicycle, go and get one right away and experience it yourself!

I hope you like this article, please leave your comments below and share if you find this useful! Happy Cycling!

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