Are you skeptical of shopping online or on outlets? Here’s some insight

Each one of us at some point in life would’ve faced an instance of buying what seems to be a perfect dress and regretted it sooner or later. I’m not going to lie, I’ve faced this in my life one too many times.

I’m sharing my ideas in this article covering various factors of shopping online and in a retail outlet which has worked for me in recent days since I discovered it.


Almost all brands have their own online shopping site. The widely common regrets are that the clothes you see online don’t look the same when it’s delivered. The memes of people comparing clothes under expectations vs. reality are trending tremendously these days.

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Shopping online has its own pros and cons. The main pros are:

  • Spend as much time as you want by scrolling through the sea of clothes
  • Shop in your pyjamas comfortably on your couch or bed
  • No salespeople to annoy you or make you feel awkward

The obvious cons are:

  • The colour is completely different
  • The size and the fit is improper
  • Might have some damages
  • Not delivered on the expected day

Nowadays with easy return policies and try & buy options it’s much more comfortable, though these options are now being misused, which is whole another article by itself. You can check how people take advantage of these options here.

Retail Outlets

Strolling through the sea of outfits in the store must be exhausting until you find a perfect dress. The one easier trick is to check the clothes of your favourite brands online and move your lazy self out instead of being a couch potato and try it out in the same outlets/stores.

The outlet experiences are more interesting than you could imagine and it’ll also leave you with no regrets since you can try them on before buying it.

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So, plan a small shopping trip with your BFF’s, eat out at your favourite restaurants, roam around and you’ll never find anything as soul-satisfying as this at the end of the tiring day.

Bottom Line

Few products might only be available exclusively online and if it’s absolutely worth it then go for it. Online shopping is fun until the clothes are exactly the same as depicted on their site, if not it’s a nightmare. And who might guess, there are higher probabilities of putting an end to the return policies with the Instagram trend.

It is always safe to shop at the retail outlets considering many factors mentioned above, so if you’re one among the online shopping couch potato, just try spending a day in with your friends or maybe even alone and take shopping under your control, feel the difference to yourself.

I hope you like this article, please leave your comments below and share if you find this useful! Happy shopping!

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