Changing Jobs Frequently – A Walkthrough

Some people thrive on change, while others do all they can to resist it. Here are few factors to be taken under consideration before anyone makes those major life decisions.

Gone are the days when our parents and grandparents hammered a job throughout their life. The current generation is always on a spree of moving from various cities and countries to keep their dreams alive.

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The major factor which is behind this trend is money. Money motivates people to take risks regardless of the fact whether it’s fruitful or not. Increments might appear promising but it actually affects you in the long run. There are few well-known impacts of switching jobs frequently as listed below

Promotions Are Under Stake

Hopping to various jobs before getting the fruit of labour, which is not only your monthly wages but also the biggest recognition of getting promoted, is highly not recommended. This also affects your career in other jobs. The employers are not always pleased to see the resume showing frequent job hops. This might as well lead to think you’re lacking in stability and being content.

Impression Of Being A Bad Investment

Employers decide to hire people considering various aspects. One amongst them is investing in you- the training you will be incurring, your individual perks, etcetera. These costs become a burden if an employee leaves that job early. This, in turn, leads to a background check from the previous companies before hiring a candidate. A candidate who has many hasty moves are least considered and eventually a bad investment.

Missing Out On Bonuses And Other Perks

Bonuses, rewards and increments are often availed by employees who have a longevity in the company. If you are a habitual job hopper you might miss out on these perks.

Starting All Over Again

Every organisation has it’s own pros and cons unless the cons outweigh the pros you don’t want to quit an otherwise good job and start all over again. Imagine attending interviews more frequently and having that phobia of not cracking it every time, what could be more hectic than that?

Gaining knowledge by switching jobs and various fields are wholly new and different idea which could be considered under pros. You can consider switching departments within the same organisation if you don’t want to go through a tedious process.

Choose Your Job Wisely

If you’re considering a job for the sole purpose of increment, you will most likely end up being unsatisfied with the job. Hence, go for a job only if you feel that you can survive effectively by applying your skill sets rather than just satisfying your monetary needs. Look for the growth opportunities in the long run which will help you to stick to the job for an extended period.

In A Nutshell

Do not let minor challenges affect your career growth in the long run. By minor challenges, I incur, the work environment, the relationship with your boss or the colleagues, all these can be talked out and will definitely have a solution.

Before you take any decision, explore the best out of your current job, because, “The grass is NOT ALWAYS greener on the other side”.

I hope you like this article, please leave your comments below and share if you find this useful!


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